Tips on Finding the Right eCommerce Software for Your Company

With the dizzying array of eCommerce software in the market today, one could easily get lost in the selection process. This applies especially to individuals who are not very familiar with the main features of solid eCommerce solutions that can easily become the hallmark of a new commercial platform.


Below are some vital features that should be found in eCommerce software for companies:

1. Easy Migration

Companies make more money by selling in multiple commercial platforms. Having one or two online stores is a good start – but being able to export your products to places like eBay and NexTag? Now that’s something!

A well-designed eCommerce solution should take into account the need to import and export product images and categories to and fro other platforms. If you can barely export your data from your online store once you’ve uploaded it, the eCommerce solution isn’t efficient or business-friendly at all.

Data migration has become increasingly simple over the years so there’s no reason for a commercial eCommerce system to have any trouble with it.

Five Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have gone a long way since their first debut in the portables market. With so many brands and models in the market, how can anyone make a good choice?


We’ve rounded up 5 important factors that you should keep in mind when buying a new Bluetooth speaker. Keep these five in mind and the selection process should be easier!

Budget Size

Not everyone is in the mood to shell out more than $100 for a single Bluetooth speaker.

Figure out how much you’re willing to pay for one speaker so you can begin paring down the choices. A single search on Amazon will yield hundreds of products and the first page alone will make you dizzy if you don’t have a target price range.

Speakers from well-known brands such as Amazon and Beats will cost more ($100 up in most cases). Lightweight speakers cost less than $30 but beware their sound quality, especially if you’re the type of listener who’s very particular with bass, mid-tones, etc.

Getting the Most Out of Your Online Marketing Campaign

Every effort to sell a product or service online should be treated as an “all out” online marketing campaign. A poorly planned effort will result in poor sales and wasted hours (not to mention wasted money!) Avoid this scenario by following these simple online marketing tips:


1. Have a Big Idea

Before doing anything, you need a nice, solid idea. Why should people care about your campaign anyway? What would make them stop and take notice? Slow down and smell the roses: you need to think this through carefully because it’s the foundation of the entire campaign.

2. Know Your Market

How do you intend to communicate with your target market? How well do you know buyers A-Z? Not knowing much about your target audience can spell doom for an online campaign. Countless others have made the fatal miscalculation of launching without first touching base with their actual audience. It should be the other way around, always: reach out first, launch later.